Coronavirus or Covid-19 | Aster RV Hospital | Dr. Pavan Yadav

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Coronavirus or Covid-19 | Aster RV Hospital | Dr. Pavan Yadav

In the time of panic, the light of hope will embrace people who are diagnosed with NOVEL Coronavirus. Team Aster RV is illuminating the facts behind Coronavirus spread and the necessary precautions to avoid the contamination. Firstly, everyone should understand that coronavirus spreads soon. If you are a healthy person who is in close contact with a sick person, then there may be chances of the virus spreading to your nose, mouth and eyes. So, keep yourself distant from sick people. If you see anyone around you or next to you is coughing, sneezing or having fever etc, then it is better to stay in a distance from the sick person. Also, it is good to wear a mask to avoid coronavirus and stay away from crowded areas or localities. Hence, it is highly recommended not to travel outside the city and country as well. Symptoms:-- - Stay away from sick people. - Do not touch or rub your eyes, nose and mouth. - If you feel sick then stay at home and rest well. - Intake more fluids if you are sick. - Use a mask when travelling and dispose it in the bin carefully after use. - Wash your hands with soaps or hand sanitizes often. - Use tissue to cover your cough and use a dust bin to dispose of the used tissue. - Do not wear a mask for more than a day. View Full Doctor Profile: Visit Our Hospital Website: Visit Our Doctors: Visit for COE Department:

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